Go back to where it all began with the trailer for The King's Man, the latest entry in Matthew Vaughan's Kingsman series of films. This prequel to the previous movies reveals the origins of the Kingsman organisation and, being set against the

backdrop of WW1, features plenty of work by WMFX!





















Today sees the start of series 2 of RIPPER STREET, episodes 1 &2 of which feature Joseph Merrick (AKA The Elephant Man) played by Joseph Drake wearing a prosthetic makeup by Waldo Mason Effects:








































BYZANTIUM is out in the UK today, with carnage courtesy of WMFX. Watch the trailer:


Take a look at the new full length trailer for "The World's End" featuring work by WMFX:


​Congratulations to Christine Walmesley-Cotham and her team for their win for series 2 of CALL THE MIDWIFE at the BAFTA Television Craft Awards last night. WMFX provided prosthetics for the first & second series including the silicone baby you can watch Christine and Kay Bilk discussing in the clips below:

(Also commiserations to Sharon & Eileen who were also again nominated for RIPPER STREET!)


Congratulaions to Sharon Doyle and Eileen Buggy on their Hair & Makeup win for RIPPER STREET at the 2013 Irish Film & Television Academy Awards! 



RIPPER STREET debuts December 30th on BBC1 at 9:00, featuring work by WMFX. The show is set in Whitechapel in London's East End in 1889, six months after the infamous Jack the Ripper murders and stars Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn and Adam Rothenberg. More


2 Q&A's with Waldo about his contrbution to Neal Scanlan's Creatures department on PROMETHEUS are now online, with The and PROMETHEUS fansite The Weyland Chronicles.

The new trailer for  Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS, on which Waldo provided work for creature effects supervisor Neal Scanlan, has just been released. View it here

The new trailer for season 2 of A GAME OF THRONES is now up, on which Waldo provided prosthetic effects for Conor 

O'Sullivan's Creatures Inc, following on from his contributions to season 1 last year. Watch it  here

Look out this Autumn on SKY1 for Charlie Brooker's "A TOUCH OF CLOTH", a spoof police drama starring John Hannah as Jack Cloth, and featuring work by WMFX! 







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