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Waldo Mason has worked in the UK prosthetics industry for 31 years, starting out working on commercials and exhibitions before landing his first feature film job on Stephen Norrington's 1995 production of THE MUTANT CHRONICLES. Although the film never made it past the preproduction build it was a valuable introducton to many of the people that he would work with to the present day.

After successfully interviewing for EVENT HORIZON at Animated Extras he became an established freelancer within the industry, working for several years at the Jim Henson Creature Shop in London and contributing to many more TV & Film projects including SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, BAND OF BROTHERS, the HARRY POTTER series, A GAME OF THRONES, the latest STAR WARS movies and MASTERS OF THE AIR.

Prosthetic designing credits include five series of BBC's WAKING THE DEAD, series 1,2 and 3 of BBC's RIPPER STREET,  Edgar Wright's THE WORLD'S END, Matthew Vaughn's THE KING'S MAN, and the upcoming second series of HBO's  HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, among others.

Why choose us?

Situated within easy reach of the the M40 & the M4 and Heathrow Airport, our workshop is well situated should you need to get an actor to us to be lifecast or scanned, within easy reach of Pinewood, Shepperton, Leavesden & Longcross Studios.

We are able to tackle almost any project from concept to completion, using cutting edge techniques & materials and an obsessive eye for detail. We can provide 3D scanning & printing services and whether you require stock bondo scars, a complete bespoke likeness silicone body or anything in between we can provide virtually anything you require, tailored to your budget without compromising on quality. We are lucky enough to have experienced working on some of the biggest film productions under directors such as Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, John Landis, Ridley Scott and Matthew Vaughan and have been given the opportunity to deliver the diverse body of work you can see in the gallery.

Constantly striving to improve the techniques behind the effects we create, we take a fresh approach to each new project undertaken, to deliver striking, realistic results.

Thank you for visiting.

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