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2024 Venom 3 (prosthetics supplier: Tom Hardy)


2023 Heads of State (prosthetics supplier)

2023 The Gorge (prosthetics supplier: Miles Teller & Anya Taylor -Joy)

2023 Mickey 7 (prosthetics supplier)

2023 My Lady Jane (prosthetics)

2022 Timestalker (prosthetics supervisor)

2022 Saltburn (prosthetics)

2022 MEG 2 (prosthetics & tattoos)

2022 Heart of Stone (prosthetics designer)

2022 The Wonderful Story Of Winston Sugar (prosthetics)

2022 The Boys In The Boat (prosthetics)

2022 All The Light We Cannot See (prosthetics)

2022 The Union (prosthetics)

2022 Damsel (prosthetics supplier)

2021 Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (prosthetics & stunt masks)

2021 Asteroid City (prosthetics supplier)

2021 Black Crab (prosthetics designer)

2020 Jurassic Park: Dominion (stunt dummies & main cast injury tattoos)

2019 The Eternals (silicone dummies, tattoos & prosthetics)

2019 355 (prosthetics supplier)

2019 Fast & Furious 9 (prosthetics)

2019 The Old Guard (stunt dummies)

2019 The King's Man (prosthetics designer)

2018 The Aeronauts (stunt dummies)

2018 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Creature FX modelmaking supervisor)

2018 The Turning (prosthetics supplier)

2017 Close (prosthetics: Noomi Rapace)

2017 Angel Has Fallen (prosthetics)

2017 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Injury tattoos: Pratt / Dallas Howard)

2017 Solo: A Star Wars Story (creature FX model maker)


2016 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (stunt masks)


2016 Hunter Killer (prosthetics: Gerard Butler & tattoos)


2016 Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle (prosthetics & stunt dummies)


2016 Star Wars: The Last Jedi (creature FX model maker)


2015 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (prosthetics supervisor, Creatures dept.)


2015 Jason Bourne (prosthetics & tattoo supplier)


2015 Bad Education: The Movie (prosthetics supplier)


2015 The Secret Scripture (prosthetics supplier)


2014 London Has Fallen (prosthetics supplier)


2014 Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Sculptor & Skin Development)


2014 Pan (prosthetics: Hugh Jackman)


2014 Trespass Against Us (prosthetics: Sean Harris)


2013 Kingsman: The Secret Service (Stunt Dummy supplier)


2013 Exodus: Gods and Kings (prosthetics supplier)


2013 Victor Frankenstein (prosthetic designer: Baby & early experiments)


2013 Child 44 (prosthetics: Tom Hardy)


2013 Love, Rosie (prosthetics designer)

2013 Before I Go To Sleep (prosthetics: Nicole Kidman)

2013 The World's End (prosthetics designer)

2012 The Counsellor (prosthetics: Brad Pitt)

2012 Byzantium (prosthetics designer)

2012 Prometheus (creature design/ sculptor)

2010 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (special makeup effects artist)

2010 Burke and Hare (prosthetics designer)

2010 Never Let Me Go (prosthetics designer)

2010 The Wolfman (special makeup effects artist)

2008 Fifty Dead Men Walking (prosthetics designer)

2008 RocknRolla (prosthetics - uncredited)

2008 The Bank Job (prosthetics)

2007 Eastern Promises (prosthetic art finisher: Animated Extras)

2007 Sunshine (special makeup effects artist - uncredited)

2007 Hannibal Rising (special makeup effects artist)

​2007 Far North (prosthetics designer)

2007 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (art finisher)

2006 Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (special makeup effects artist)

​2006 The Last King of Scotland (corpse effects)

2006/I Wilderness (special effects)

2005 Doom (special makeup effects artist)

​2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (sculptor)

2005 Kingdom of Heaven (special effects makeup)

2005/I Revolver (prosthetics designer)

​2004 Five Children and It (creature sculptor)

2004 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (animatronic model designer)

2004 The Phantom of the Opera (special makeup effects artist)

2004 Alexander (special makeup effects artist)

2004 AVP: Alien vs. Predator (special makeup effects artist)

2004 King Arthur (special makeup effects artist)​

2004 Shaun of the Dead (special makeup effects artist)

2003 The Last Samurai (special makeup effects artist)

2002 Below (special makeup effects artist)

​2002 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (animatronic model designer)

1998 Saving Private Ryan (special effects)​

1998 Elizabeth (Prosthetics)

1997 Event Horizon (special makeup effects artist) ​

1997 Clancy's Kitchen (special effects makeup)

1995 Grim (prosthetic sculptor)​​

Black Crab
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