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Looped proof of concept video test of a prosthetic hand injury with digital finger removal.



This is a work in progress video of the animatronic head of Greg Townley we created for Edgar Wright's THE WORLD'S END. 


The footage covers the various stages & processes involved in the build, the head was only required to perform a limited set of movements for the scene so it's mostly eyes, brows & jaw articulation.



This is a VFX blend of a physical model of a face (see gallery) with an eaten away area and the actress's own face, for Ripper Street series 2.


The effect was to simulate a condition called Phossy Jaw, which was prevalent among workers in match factories in the 1900's. The phosphorous ingredient in the match heads would affect the jaw and eat away the bone, leaving the patient massively disfigured. With huge thanks to Ed Bruce at Screen Scene VFX in Dublin.



This scene features a silicone body created for the second series of Ripper Street doubling for Ernest Manby, a character in the show who is found beaten to death.


The body was made of softened platinum silicone, the head, neck & arms were articulated and the mouth was made to be prised open during the examination to reveal the tongue cut out and gold teeth still intact. After this scene was shot we sliced the body from the navel to the neck, stitched the cut closed again and dressed a little blood into the stitches (see gallery) to shoot the scenes that take place after the autopsy has been performed.

THE WORLD'S END VFX featurette

Double Negative's Frazer Churchill explains how the vfx and Prosthetics departments collaborated to achieve the various effects shots required for the last instalment of Edgar Wrights "Cornetto Trilogy".

BYZANTIUM decapitation

This was a decapitation effect we did for a scene in Neil Jordan's Byzantium where Clara, played by Gemma Arterton, disposes of Werner (Thure Lindhart) with a cheese wire. This was accomplished using a sliced prosthetic neck piece  with built in blood tubing and a silicone likeness head of Werner that was dropped in a separate shot and spliced into the actor's footage by the VFX department.

(Starts at 1:05 mins)

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